Truck Profile


Classic Towing maintains a fleet of light duty flatbed tow trucks, light duty self-loading wreckers, and heavy duty wreckers capable of towing large commercial vehicles such as semi trucks and tractor trailers. We operate only late model trucks equipped with the latest towing and recovery technology.

Our 2015 Freightliner flatbed along with our 2013 and 2011 HINO flatbed tow trucks have LCG low center-of-gravity beds that sit almost a foot lower to the ground than a standard flatbed tow truck. This new technology enables our operators to load low-profile vehicles without scraping or causing any damage to the bumper, valance, or exhaust. When loading, you will be amazed at how much ground clearance there is between the bed and a vehicle such as a Corvette, Ferrari, or any other low clearance vehicle.

Take notice of our nylon bridle and anti-abrasion, four-point soft tie down system with no hooks or chains to pull or bend the vehicle. This system avoids damage to both the suspension and body. We understand how important your vehicle is to you and that is why our drivers treat each vehicle as if it was their very own.

Green Technology: In 2011 new green emissions technology became available and we bought our fist eco-friendly Hino rollback tow truck. We then purchased a second eco-friendly 2013 Hino flatbed in May of 2012. New Hino trucks are equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after-treatment systems to meet the EPA’s 2010 diesel most stringent emissions regulations. The new EPA 2010 standards represent more than 80% reduction over 2007 emissions requirements, making Hino tow trucks with SCR diesel engines some of the “greenest” on the planet. Hino SCR technology is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology to reduce diesel rollback emissions to near-zero levels while also delivering a 3-5% fuel savings and improved engine reliability. We have continued buying only “green emissions” trucks adding Dodge and Freightliner tow trucks equipped with clean emissions “green” technology.