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2016 Contractual Light Duty Municipal Towing Service Rates (Police Ordered)

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✓ Lock-out Services ✓ Flat Tire Change ✓ Tool Box Relocation ✓ Roll Backs ✓ Low Clearance Towing
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Towing and Roadside Assistance Service Rates

Light Duty Towing, Medium Duty Towing, and Heavy Duty Towing
Vehicle Location Hook up, Mileage, & Service Rates Discount
Naperville/Aurora Area Please call for

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Outside Naperville/Aurora Please call for

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  • Due to wildly fluctuating fuel prices and operational costs we are no longer able to accurately post service rates. Please call (630) 392-6844 for a price quote.
  • Extraordinary situations may be subject to a labor charge of $10.00-$150.00 over the quoted price for extenuating circumstances such as a broken axle, broken ball joint, or a recovery situation. These charges are not the norm, but in certain situations extra labor is required to safely load the vehicle without further damaging it.
  • Mileage charges vary from $0.00 – $5.00 per mile.
  • A minimum $50.00 call out fee will apply to all cancellations and gone-on-arrivals if the tow has been cancelled after the truck has left port.
  • Tows requiring extra labor, done during weather events, peak business hours, late night, rush hour or other heavy traffic conditions may have additional charges apply.

2016 Contractual Light Duty Municipal Towing Service Rates (Police Ordered)

Police Department Rate Outdoor Storage
North Aurora P.D. $125.00/$140.00 $40.00 per day
Aurora P.D. $125.00/$140.00 $40.00 per day
Lisle P.D. $150.00 $45.00 per day
Naperville P.D. $155.00 $30.00 per day
Oswego P.D. $160.00/$175.00 $30.00 per day
Wheaton P.D. $140.00 $30.00 per day

A comprehensive list of all 2016 police contractual service rates are located on each tow invoice.

Classic Towing Dispatch and Response

Classic Towing strategically positions tow trucks all throughout the Western Suburbs of Chicago, IL in order to serve a wide geographic area with fast emergency response when needed or with convenient prearranged appointments. Our dispatchers use an electronic fleet management system to locate and dispatch the Classic Towing truck nearest to your location at the time of the roadside service request. Each truck in our fleet is equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite System ensuring an accurate E.T.A. and arrival destination. Additionally, all drivers carry a cellular phone to remain in constant contact with our dispatchers in order to offer our customers the highest levels of service.

Light Duty Flatbed Towing Service

With Classic Towing you will experience the latest, cutting-edge towing and recovery technology with our eco-friendly, green emissions Hino and Freightliner flatbed tow trucks. These tow trucks have low profile beds which sit much lower than standard flatbed tow trucks. This clearance allows the proper incline required to load vehicles with extremely low ground clearance without damaging the bumper, valance, or exhaust. To further ensure damage-free towing we are able to employ a soft nylon tie-down system with no hooks or chains to pull, bend, or scratch the vehicle. We maintain a fleet of 5 flatbed tow trucks and offer the very best in flatbed towing and roadside service. We have the right towing and road service equipment for any recovery situation or towing job.

There are many reasons for vehicles to be towed on a flatbed tow truck. On some vehicles, manufacturers specify their vehicles may only be safely towed on a flatbed truck. After all, just as all cars are not made the same way, not all cars are towed the same way. Whether the vehicle is an Aston Martin Elite, an AWD Subaru, or a Toyota Corolla the best way to transport the vehicle is to get all the wheels up off the road. Our commitment to you is to always safely transport your vehicle to its destination in a timely manner, damage-free, and at a reasonable price.

Collision Recovery

Classic Towing is an expert in recovering vehicles involved in accidents and serve many police departments in this capacity. No matter what situation you find your vehicle in we have the experience and proper equipment to recover your vehicle. We even have experience recovering vehicles that have rolled over, are under water, or stuck upon objects. After the recovery we can store your wrecked or disabled vehicle in our secured storage facility until your insurance company is able to send out an adjuster. If you prefer your vehicle to go directly a collision repair center we would be happy to tow it to the body shop of your choice or will gladly recommend a quality shop such as: Gerber Collision & Glass or Accurate Auto Body.


Ice and snowy conditions? Slick roads? Did you slide off the road and into a snow bank or ditch? Stuck and can’t get out? No problem, Classic Towing has you covered. If you are stuck in the mud, snow, water, in a ditch, or on top of a curb or some other object, we can get you back on the road in a hurry. Proper training and years of experience is the key to winching and recovering a vehicle without further damaging it.

Wrecker & Low Clearance Towing Service

Classic Towing provides towing service in low clearance areas such as parking garages as well as in tight spaces such as busy parking lots or alleyways. Is your BMW, Mercedes, or AWD Subaru stuck in gear, unable to go into neutral? No problem. We carry heavy duty dollies on each of our wrecker tow trucks which enables our drivers to tow AWD vehicles with all four wheels off the ground. Our brand new wrecker tow trucks are environmentally friendly as they are equipped with the latest technology in diesel particulate filtration systems and meet the EPA’s most stringent emissions standards.

Naperville tow dollies   tow dollies Naperville

Heavy Duty Towing

We are able to tow semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and other large commercial trucks with our fleet of heavy duty wreckers

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Roadside Assistance

Classic Towing provides vehicle lock-out service, gas delivery, diesel delivery, flat-tire changes, winch-outs, jump starts (boosts), pull starts, and load shifts. Rates vary by service, vehicle type, location, and situation. Please call to speak with one of our courteous, helpful, and experienced dispatchers for a price quote.

Landoll Flatbed Trailer Service

Landoll Trailers are ideal for transporting construction and other heavy equipment as well as towing disabled vehicles with non-rolling wheels or damaged axles. Our traveling axle flatbed trailers have a 36” deck height, a 41.5’ lower deck, 12’ upper deck, and a 25,000 pound winch. Traveling axle trailers feature an extremely low load angle which makes loading difficult low clearance equipment a breeze.

Vehicle Lock-out Service

Did you lock your keys in your car again? No worries. From foreign to domestic vehicles if you locked it, we can unlock it. Our technicians are equipped with the best automotive entry tools in the industry to provide unrivaled vehicle lock-out services. A Classic Towing operator will open your vehicle without damaging the door or lock. We constantly update our database with information on even the newest models of cars and trucks so we have the knowledge to preform damage-free automobile lock-out services no matter the year, make, or model.

Flat-Tire Change

Classic Towing has the equipment to quickly come to the location of your disabled vehicle and change your flat-tire by placing your spare on the vehicle. We torque all lug nuts with an air gun and then by hand using a torque wrench to ensure the wheel is secured to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you do not have a spare tire we can tow your vehicle to the nearest tire shop such as Discount Tires or Firestone.

Fuel Delivery

If your vehicle has run out of gas we can bring you a few gallons to get you to the nearest gas station. Using Google Maps our dispatchers can provide you the address and directions to the nearest filling station.

Diesel Delivery

Classic Towing provides fast and reliable diesel delivery service using our 55 gallon DOT approved storage tank and an electronic, metered pump to deliver diesel fuel. We will deliver any amount of diesel from 1 gallon to 55 gallons of diesel fuel. If your truck requires new fuel filters please let us know. We may have one in stock or can acquire one at the parts store or truck stop. We will need the year, make, model, and VIN in order to obtain the proper filter.

Jump-start Service

Jump-starting can be very dangerous if it is not done properly. Many late model vehicles feature extremely sensitive electronics that can be easily damaged by incorrect jump-starting techniques. From foreign to domestics we use only the manufacturer’s recommended methods when jump-starting your vehicle. If your vehicle is unable to start after the jump service has been applied we will tow your vehicle to the location of your choice.

Storage Facilities

Need some space to store your vehicle for a particular period of time? We have a secure, fenced-in outdoor storage lot that is under 24-hour video surveillance. We offer storage on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at very competitive rates. Please call for availability and a price quote.

Tool Box Moves

Classic Towing’s highly-trained technicians are experts in moving tool boxes using a 100% damage-free method. We understand the investment each mechanic has made in their tool box and what it means for their profession. This is reason why treat each tool box as if it was our own. When moving a tool box, the box is pulled up and secured using only soft nylon straps. No chains or metal hooks will ever touch your box, guaranteeing a scratch-less and dent-free move.


Classic Towing has years of experience performing competent, hassle-free, and punctual rollbacks. Our skilled professionals are highly capable at loading or unloading freight from both semi-trucks and loading docks. When over-the-road truckers need to unload vehicles, medical equipment, landscaping machinery, or anything else that can slide off a flatbed carrier, Classic Towing is the right company to call for any rollback job.

Motorcycle Towing

Don’t trust your bike to just any towing service as motorcycle towing is a complicated process that requires the proper equipment. Classic Towing has both the equipment and experience to load, secure, and transport motorcycles and on our “air-ride” flatbed tow trucks. In order to safely and securely tow a motorcycle we use the state-of-the-art, heavy duty Bull Dog Cycle Transport System and soft-straps. Classic Towing’s operators are always very aware of and careful not to damage chrome, fairings, and, body kits.

The Bull Dog motorcycle towing system eliminates the potential risk of your bike tipping, shifting, or dropping during the loading and transportation process. Classic Towing understands just how important your bike is to you and that is why each of our technicians are meticulously trained in motorcycle towing and transport techniques. Classic Towing will always take the extra time and care to ensure a scratch-less, dent-less, and overall damage-free move. When towing a motorcycle using the Bull Dog Cycle Transport System your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

motorcycle towing Naperville IL

Classic, Antique, and Exotic Vehicle Transport (Open Air)

Sometimes a vehicle need a little more attention than others. When you have made a considerable investment in a classic, antique, or exotic vehicle you want to take every provision to protect your vehicle by choosing a towing provider that is competent and has the expertise in transporting these specialty vehicles. Not only does Classic Towing have the proper equipment but also a 25 year proven track record of successfully transporting exotic vehicles without causing damage.

Our towing service is ideal for moving specialty vehicles short distances such as to and from the repair shop, car show, or to its new owner. Our service is not to be used as a long distance shipping option as we do not offer enclosed transportation. We transport all vehicles on flatbed carriers that have “air-ride” low-center-of-gravity beds. These beds sit much lower than a standard flatbed tow truck and therefore offer the correct incline required to load vehicles with very low ground clearance without damaging the bumper, valance, or exhaust. We use only soft nylon straps to load and secure your vehicle. We never use any metal hooks or chains that could scratch painted frames or otherwise pull, bend, dent, or ding your vehicle.

Our experienced technicians understand just how important the visual integrity of your vehicle is to its value and therefore take extreme care in loading, securing, transporting, and unloading your vehicle. In addition, for your protection and peace of mind we carry a $5,000,000.00 dollar insurance policy through Zurich Insurance Group. Zurich is a global insurance provider that has nearly a 140 year history. Beware who you trust your vehicle with as many towing providers are under insured and carry substandard policies through a second rate company that will never pay out on a claim. This is a problem you will never experience when dealing with Classic Towing. In the 25 plus years that we have been operating we have never caused any major damage to a vehicle. However, on the off chance there is damage we will make it right.

We buy junk cars

Your old junk vehicle is worth money, so trade your junk car for cash today! If you are looking for cash for your old junk car or just want that rusted bucket of bolts removed from your driveway, garage, or backyard… we make it easy. No matter the condition of your junk car, truck, or SUV we will pay you cash today, even if it is totaled, not running, or otherwise un-drivable. Call today to ask about an offer and we will tow your vehicle away free-of-charge. No tittle? No problem? Prove ownership and we can do all the necessary paperwork.

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Police Towing

Classic Towing serves several law enforcement agencies and is honored to have maintained a license to perform towing services at the request of the Naperville Police Department for over twenty five years. What this means is that our drivers, equipment, and procedures are annually inspected and approved by police personnel. In addition to towing for the City of Naperville we also maintain a license to tow for the Aurora, Lisle, Oswego, and Wheaton Police Departments. The rates for a tow ordered by a police department vary by each county, city, township, or village and are set by that municipality. Fees often apply for the transport or removal of your vehicle, storage, and release.

Commercial and Fleet Towing

In serving your business Classic Towing offers competitive pricing, various billing options, and always interacts with your customers in a professional and friendly manner. Classic Towing has been successful for over 25 years because we live by the motto: the customer is always right. We realize that your clientele is the most important aspect of your business and understand that we are your representative when working for you. Therefore, we always conduct ourselves in a professional manner in order to reflect well upon your business. Classic Towing’s experienced drivers maintain a clean appearance, wear a uniform, and always treats your customers in a courteous manner.

Air Delivery

Tire running low on air and unable to get to the service station? No problem. We will bring our mobile air compressor to the location of your disabled vehicle and set your tires to the proper PSI levels specified by the manufacturer.

Battery Replacement

Batteries can fail at any time and without notice. Call to schedule one of our battery technicians to meet you at the location of your vehicle. We will replace your battery and haul the old battery away. Information that you will need to provide to our dispatcher in order to correctly obtain the proper battery is: year, make, model, and VIN (vehicle identification number).

Under Water Recovery

Classic Towing maintains a certified, in-house, dive team and owns state-of-the-art SCUBA equipment. We are experts in recovering vehicles that are fully submerged underwater.

underwater recovery service Naperville


Naperville Classic Towing

Mariam Paré
I had an extremely positive experience with the service from Naperville classic towing. The driver Jake arrived quickly and was courteous and professional. I was impressed that he didn't mind that he had to put my car in neutral and push it out of my garage in order to load it on the flatbed. I was already having a bad day because my car needed repair, so it was a huge relief to receive such good service. Thumbs up for Jake the tow truck driver!
Vicki Stevens
This is the best towing experience I've ever had. Jake was most professional, knowlegeable about his job and he's a gentleman. He said he loves what he does and it shows. What blessed me most was "his great attitude" -- how refreshing. Jake knew just where to find me and he knew my apartment complex well. My complex has tight parking quarters, but he parked my vehicle just where I requested. He had his paperwork organized, gave me a ... read more
Katherine LaBudde
I am very impressed with the service from the staff at Classic Towing. The woman who answered my call was very helpful and kept me informed with the time frame and cost of towing my car. Jake came to tow my car promptly and was very friendly. Thank you Jake very much for making me feel safe and handling my car with care.
Sanjae Trucking Inc
By far my best experience ever with a towing company. The service was emasculate from them picking up the phone to completing the job. If u ever need a towing company that you can trust and rely on these are the ones to call.
Carl Fischer
Had a great experience with Classic Towing... Jake was there quick, early in the morning and I had a meeting to attend, so he accommodated my need to get out of there quickly. Would definitely HIGHLY recommend them to others in need of a tow!

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